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Moss, algae, and lichen growths are natural for the surface of your roof since to constant weather exposure and changing temperatures. These things, on the other hand, not only ruin the look of your roof but also pose a serious threat to its integrity. You want the best roof washing in Columbus and Athens OH from APX Softwash to avoid expensive damage and a lot of stress. For years, our firm has been assisting homeowners in this region to maintain their properties, and we can do the same for you. Put your faith in an established and professional business like ours, and we’ll quickly improve the curb appeal of your home while also removing all moss and stains from your roof!

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Roof Cleaning

Although asphalt shingles are resistant to many elements, including the elements of nature and time, they can be damaged by algae and moss. However, if your roof is stained or has issues, rely on APX Softwash. We will clean away all stains and algae while also restoring the strength of your asphalt shingles!

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Roof Cleaning

While cleaning your roof is an important aspect of maintaining your property, you should use a professional business to do it. If you attempt the task yourself, there are just too many dangers for it to be worth the effort. With the best ratings and pricing in the region, we have the finest-rated roof cleaning!

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Roof Cleaning

Once we’ve completed our job, your metal roof will be the cleanest in the neighborhood! The easiest method to keep your metal rooftop shingles clean and gleaming all year is to have an annual professional roof cleaning. Using the most secure and effective cleaning procedures available, we can provide high-quality outcomes at APX Softwash.

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Dangers of Roof Cleaning in Columbus and Athens OH

Pressure washing is becoming increasingly popular each year, and there are now more businesses than ever that offer roof cleaning in Columbus and Athens OH. However, like with any other type of labor at your house, you need to be careful who you choose. Your home’s roof is a delicate surface, and an inexperienced or unqualified firm may cause significant damage. However, at APX Softwash, we are industry experts. Every one of our roof cleaning specialists has received extensive training and is licensed and certified to do the task. To assure zero harm, we employ the most cautious cleaning techniques possible. There is zero pressure and no damage whenever you utilize APX Softwash’s gentle washing method and eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. Get your roofs cleaned safely and effectively with APX Softwash!

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Frequently Asked Columbus and Athens Roof Cleaning Questions

Your home’s roof will be secure as long as low-pressure washing is employed for the cleaning. If a firm uses high-pressure cleaning, you should avoid them. High-pressure washing is too harsh and may cause significant damage to your house and roof as a result of its excessive pressure.

We are roof cleaning experts in Columbus OH and only utilize the most secure methods. To safely and gently clean your roof, we use low-pressure washing, often known as soft washing. Soft washing effectively cleans the surface without any pressure or damage.

It’s recommended that your roof be professionally cleaned once a year. This is usually enough to keep the surface clean and healthy, allowing algae, moss, and lichen to grow less. However, if you live in an area with varying weather or seasonality and your roof is exposed to the elements for long periods of time, you may need it washed twice yearly.

At APX Softwash, we always offer the lowest prices for our roof cleaning in Columbus OH. We only ever charge for the work that is required and there are never any hidden costs or extra fees. Get in touch with us right now to obtain your free, personalized quote.

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